Love One Another

John 13:35
“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” KJV

The way we treat people is often a reflection of what is truly inside of us. Regardless of how someone may treat us, if we are kind, caring, and considerate it will be demonstrated by our behavior. Some people are more concerned with “image” and not “character.” They deem it more important to project an image instead of having internalized transformation.


What or who do you resemble? You see, it’s easy to love someone when they love you. It’s easy to be nice to others when they are being nice to you. But, when someone does something that hurts deeply, do you react with hurtful intent or do you choose to respond with love? Image is only surface level but character is from the core.

In our text, the Apostle John has made a distinct point, as disciples of Jesus Christ we are to make it known that the work of grace has begun upon our hearts. As such, not only will other believers know we are walking with Jesus, but all men will know we are His disciples indeed. The distinguishing mark of a disciple of Jesus is to love one another. If we are truly caring and compassionate it will resonate from within our core; but, if we are more preoccupied with looking a certain way to gain the admiration of others we will miss the mark. I encourage you to let your life be proof of God’s love!


“To God Be The Glory”
Minister Kevin G. Dunman, M. Div.

One Comment on “Love One Another”

  1. Min Dunman,

    Yes, the love that we show others is what will let others know that we are truely disciples of Jesus Christ. All Glory to God!
    Dea. Tim

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