Faith Deliverance Christian Center is a Bible-believing Pentecostal church committed to a strong Christian witness to the world. We believe it is our duty to share the Gospel in word and deed with all people. Our intent is to encourage people to honor God with their manner of living, hold His Word as “the authority” in regard to our faith and practice, and embrace others in true fellowship.


Our worship is emotional and intentional, flowing from a Biblical understanding of who God is.


Through fellowship we find relationship, partnership, security, accountability, responsibility, fun, friendship, family, and love.


We embrace the practice of proportionately using our time, abilities and material possessions for the benefit of the kingdom of God.


We offer a series of classes that provide sound Biblical and theological instruction to spiritually nourish our members in their relationship with God beyond the point of conversion to true discipleship.


We believe that we have a responsibility as believers to share our faith with those around us who do not know Christ in the hope that they will listen, believe, receive Christ as their Savior.


FDCC is able to enrich the lives of the disenfranchised through Dorcas, Inc. the umbrella that covers the outreach.