Facts, Feeling, or Faith!

John 20:31

But these things are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through His name…

Facts, feelings, or faith. What drives you? What dictates your decisions and actions in life? We all have something we rely upon to help us navigate through life. When it comes down to it we all believe in something. Whether facts, feelings or faith, something or someone is our trust when it comes to living out our lives.

How deep is your faith? No, that’s not a trick question. Can we believe in something we cannot see or touch? Of course we can! We do it all the time. We believe Abraham Lincoln existed even though we have never seen or touched him. We believe Thurgood Marshall walked the halls of the Supreme Court. We believe Dr. Feng Shan Ho, Susan B. Anthony, and Luis Walter all existed even though we may not personally know or ever heard of them. We simply believe in the integrity of those who claim to have researched the evidence that these people did in fact actually exist. On the other hand, some people have difficulty believing in something or someone they cannot see.


What about you? I submit to you today that the most important things in life are those things that we cannot see. Can you see the wind? What about love? Can you see it? Can you see God? Christians believe in the Bible and in specific things the Bible reveals concerning the Christian faith. The Old and New Testaments are verbally inspired by God in the original writings and they are the supreme authority in the matters of faith and life. All scripture is inspired by God. It’s authentic. It’s also a tragic thing when men and women do not believe in the inspired Word of God. But they will believe what historians, columnists, and others write about people they have never known or seen. Truth is, the Word of God in contained in the Bible. God has literally spoken through the ages by the voice of prophets inspired by the Holy Spirit. Fact is, God is still speaking through His Word to us today. Do you believe it by faith regardless of the facts?

By Minister Kevin G. Dunman

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