Building your Ark

We all know about or have heard of Noah building the ark in Genesis. When hearing the Word of God regarding the building of this ark did we take into consideration that God had given Noah the instructions for how wide, long and deep it was going to be?

Noah built his ark to the exact measurements he received from God. But do we realize that if Noah did not make this ark to the exact requirements that was given to him, the survival of every animal and human on it would have been at risk? I ask this question to allow us as men of God to search out who our Holy Ghost filled ark is covering. Is this ark of ours just big enough for the people we love and friends? Didn’t our Lord and Savior state in Matthew 22:39… “You shall love your neighbor as yourself?” If we are Men of Faith who confess that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, then we must build our ark with the expectation that God will bring into our lives people we never expected would need us. We must ensure that God leads and guides as we build up our vessels for His use. My prayer for men of God is to build up this spiritual ark in accordance with God’s word, so that we will be able and willing to accept people who need our support in the midst of their storm. Stand strong my brothers, as we get in line with God’s plan for our lives.

Be blessed and most of all be strong in the Lord.
Deacon Michael Stewart

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  1. Deacon Steward, your words are on point. We are to have the compassion of Jesus as we build our Arks. I desire mine to be BIG enough to hold all who God sends my way. This written truly spoke to my heart.

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